Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Liquid Chalkers

I received this product for free to review

Hey everyone, well the idea behind this product is that its a marker you can use on chalkboards and then erase it like chalk. Great idea and it honestly worked beautifully when wrighting on the chalk board. The colors were fresh and crisp. It was easy to get the chalk ink flowing too and I didn't get the creepy feeling I get when using actual chalk so that was a bonus. Then I went to erase it. It wouldn't erase with the chalk board eraser.

It wouldn't erase with a wet towel. I finally got it off of my chalk board with some spray on alcohol. On the plus side this could be used along side of regular chalk for things that would otherwise be rewritten or carefully erased around otherwise. I also tried it on my dry erase boards and honestly they are way better than dry erase markers, they definitely erased more cleanly and didn't stain plus they don't die an early death if you don't cap it tight enough. Apparently they work differently on different boards so perhaps a real slate would work perfectly otherwise you really couldn't use it as your only form of chalk. The colors are wonderful and vivid and it came with 8 red green purple blue white yellow orange and brown. If you have a dry erase board I haven't found anything that works better. If you'd like to pick them up yourself you can do so here.

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