Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bamboo Pro™ Self-Warming Knee Support Review + Giveaway. (closed)

I received this item for free to review.
Hey everyone. So I should probably start these differently sometimes but how else do you address a mystery group of people? Anyhow after having kids I ended up with bad joints. Like all of them but mostly my knees wrists and ankles so I was stoked when I got this to review. The first thing I noticed of course was there was only one, I guess these don't come in pairs like socks and gloves do. I suppose some people only have one bad knee and my right knee is worse than the left most of the time so we will roll with it.

OK like any other support sleeve thing it just pulls on. It fits on nicely and really helps to support my knee which completely takes the pain away without putting my foot asleep. It does concern me that I wear a large comfortably considering I'm not large at all. I mean I wear a size 8 pants. So this might be hard for larger people to find the right size. Also it says it is self warming and I haven't felt that at all in fact if anything it feels colder with the support on than when its off.
That works well for me but it doesn't advertise that so.. I don't know if others have had a different experience. It is built in such a way that there is a top and bottom so it fits nicely even on my thigh and doesn't usually flip or slide but it is fairly thick and visible under most clothing. I still like using it and I think you will too so why not enter the giveaway below for it? If you'd like it even faster you can buy one here.

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