Monday, December 1, 2014

DKnight Magic Box Bluetooth Speaker

I received this product for free to review.

OK so this is my first Bluetooth speaker so sorry I have nothing to compare it to.  First off it is super easy to pair with a tablet or a phone. Seriously turn it on, turn on your Bluetooth and its there. Click it and you're connected. I was especially impressed by this as my previous experience with Bluetooth was like an hour long ordeal trying to connect a headset to my ps3. Also you dont even need bluetooth devices just an aux cord plugs right in that way too!

Now I made sure to fully charge the speaker when it came before trying to use it (the red light turns blue) and yes I used a wall charger to do so as I don't actually have a computer. Does take the standard mini usb charger though so thats a plus. The sound quality is really good and depending on the device you connect it to the sound can be pretty loud too but that was something weird about it. I would have thought the speaker would go as high as it would go but idk. The distance it works over is pretty big too I've connected it to my phone and left my phone in the bedroom (open door) and used the speaker in the bathroom while I took a bath and it worked great until my phone decided to go into sleep mode or something equally stupid and the music stopped but that 

Has nothing to do with the speaker. I really use it a lot and I've had it about two weeks and I haven't had to charge it since the first time so that's pretty awesome. 

The kids like picking it up and running around with it while its playing and there is no difference in sound quality. I have not tried to use it for a conference call yet but have tried hooking it up to the ps3 hint the key code is 0000 to make it connect, PlayStation is the only thing that has asked so far and I can hear people on it better than I can with it playing through the TV but it seems like I break up a lot so the sound quality isn't maybe the best when it comes to its microphone. I like how you can skip songs and change the volume from the speaker itself. Its super light and works a lot better in the car than the stupid thing you plug in your phone and use the radio signal with. Its kinda grippy too so it doesn't slide around too much. It could use more volume and bass but the thing is tiny and wireless so I'm not going to fault it there. I have really enjoyed having it. If you want to check it out for yourself you can pick it up here.