Monday, December 8, 2014

Air comfy travel pillow

Hey everyone. Well this is another really cool thing. I got this travel pillow and its a lot different from any other I've seen. Usually you either have a plastic thing you have to blow up or have a bulky not very travel friendly styrophome balls. Also they are generally the horseshoe shaped kind that for around your neck and honestly don't do much for the back of the neck support just the sides minimally too because if it was tight enough for supporting your neck it wouldn't be comfortable. This one is different for one it seems to me more like a filled up space bag.

Its very compact,and one of the few inflatable things that will actually go back into the carry bag with no issue. Its really quite cool you just turn the valve and it will inflate itself then close the valve and it stays inflated as you use it. It has an elastic strap that fits around the headrest its easily adjustable from that point on by sliding it up or down. I'm very short and it could go too low for me even.

It does stay where you put it on the seat well and is very comfortable. I've actually used it in the bathtub as well where it also works great and I've used it while getting a massage to keep my neck straight and my face off the floor. Deflating it is easy too, just loosen the cap on the valve and roll it up from the other end, tighten the cap back and it stays deflated until your next use. The cap doesn't come all of the way off and I really think that were it to ever develop a hole it would still be able to be used just probably not stored as easily since I think it would stay in its inflated position. I really like it and if you want to check it out yourself you can pick it up here.

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  1. When I initially looked into this product, I thought that it would make the perfect traveling companion because it was deflatable. Still, it does work just as well as other traveling neck pillows, and unlike most others, it has a strap on the back so that you can secure it on your seat and keep it in place.