Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Exelerol Brain health supplement and giveaway (closed)

So I just got this product again free to review via I signed up for it because hey, if it improves my memory and focus then I really, really need this. I forget what I'm saying mid sentence and wonder what I'm doing in the kitchen before realizing I was supposed to be going to the bathroom. Seriously any help I can get, I'm in. I finally received it today (Monday) 2 days late thanks to a fed ex driver being too lazy to actually enter my apartment complex and instead writing it off as an attempted delivery, twice! After some major complaining they ended up dropping it off at my apartments office so at least I got it, right? Now this has no bearing on the company that makes it or even on Amazon who carries is because FedEx isn't always that bad I only mention it because its the whole experience.
I get the package home along with my other goodies that thankfully didn't come from FedEx, and opened it up. Inside was what looks like a sales display for it full of individual boxes 12 to be exact
  Each box has 6 pills inside along with a card from the company explaining how if you review it on amazon you can get a 10$ credit towards more which a few people apparently thought was shady but let's face it, its just smart marketing. They sell their wares on amazon and one of the reasons people shop there is because they can see what others have thought about it, also people are more likely to repurchase a product if they can get a deal on it so yeah double whammy.
 There was another card inside with instructions on how to use the supplement, what's in it, and why.

as well as some interesting factoids printed inside the box
 Now the individual box idea is fantastic! I mean it's for people who get distracted easily, are forgetful and would like help with that so it only makes sense that you can have a box in your purse or car or desk or briefcase so you can take it when you need it (or when you find it lol)

 Inside the individual box is a 2+ days supply with a dividing line in the middle to make it easier to keep track on how many you've taken so it really seems like they understand their target audience well and have gone above and beyond to make it easy to use.
 I took one right away and honestly haven't felt or noticed anything yet but that's kind of a good thing as it does not seem to be loaded up with caffeine or anything. On the other hand I have gotten a lot done this evening... Not sure if that's related or not just like I said the whole experience, be back in the AM with more.

OK so its day three and I have been super productive. It is the supplement. I can tell because when it wears off I start getting a tad aggravated at my tasks, its not so easy to just keep going full tilt anymore and well, in general I feel like I have to think a little harder. Now as for what I feel as its working, nothing really. I don't feel it doing anything. I am just more focused, harder working, and thoughts come a little bit easier. Things just flow. I kind of like it. Its not like taking a Ritalin for example where you can get so absorbed in what you are doing its like having tunnel vision. Its more like its helping me to not get distracted as easily and being able to focus myself on what I am doing, I noticed the pill itself leave a kind of peppermint taste in your mouth and there is definitely some cooling involved. Not sure its relevant but it is just an observation. Furthermore I am doing a giveaway so you can have a chance to try it for yourself without having to buy it.
OK in order to enter, I'm going to ask that you follow me on Twitter Subscribe to me on YouTube and comment below to be entered. I will pick the winner on July 18th.

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  1. Hey! Its Sammie! Not sure if the first comment went through, so I will try this again, LOL! I would like to be entered into the giveaway! thanks :D