Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Covergirl bombshell curvatious by lashblast

So I got this one for free in my influenster surfs up vox box its kind of interesting for the fact that there are 2 mascaras in one and since they come in 2 different tubs it might even be 2 different formulas though I'm not sure.
As you can see the 2 brushes are very different from each other. #1 is kind of a spikey rubber thing #2 is more like you're typical mascara brush
I used them in order 1 and then 2 and while from a distance it looks great, up close its kind of clumpy and it doesn't really feel like the second brush is adding anything.
The left eye was done in the backwards order, the right eye in the correct order, it seems to work best if you use the second brush first. 
Again I got this product free by being an influenster ;-)  hope my review helps!

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