Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Adovia Mineral Eye Gel

This is another item I received for free to review via I applied for this review mostly because I get very dark circles under my eyes and putting makeup over that usually just compounds the problem. As soon as it arrived yesterday I put some on, it felt nice, not greasy like I was worried about. I walked away of course assuming that I would need to use this for quite awhile before seeing any results. I had actually received some mascara yesterday as well and about 15 minutes later I went to go try some of that on and I was floored, the circles were much lighter. Of course stupid me I didn't take any before pictures because I didn't think one application would do anything but I'm going to see if I can grab a screen shot from the video I did just before I used it.

 I took some after photos later in the day as well.

 Now from the info I received its supposed to help get rid of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. The actual box only mentions the latter two.

 It comes in a very nice frosted glass jar that has enough heft as to suggest quality which is good because at 36 dollars a jar for 30 mls it cost over a dollar a ml (for some reason our minds connect weight to quality and lighter items are viewed as cheap)
This morning I got up and my eyes were very puffy. This is normal for me and tends to stay that way for a few hours before it calms down and reverts into the dark circles. I normally do nothing about this but considering I have this gel I snapped a photo.
I then applied a small amount of the gel around my eyes, brushed my teeth and took another picture

as you can see the puffiness almost completely went away. In just two minutes?? Kinda crazy. Its been about 20 minutes now so I'm going to take another photo  wow keep in mind this is still early in the morning I've been awake about a half hour and my eyes aren't puffy, I'm also not seeing the dark circles come back like they usually do (think kind of junkie or vampire eyes lol) I'm impressed. I'll be back later in the afternoon with another shot of my eyes to see if this keeps working through the day. (Photo) Based in the results I'm getting so far, I'm sold. I normally don't use potions lotions gels or even much makeup but I'm starting to see why people do.
OK so while we wait for the day to pass, let me tell you a bit about what's in this "Mineral Eye Gel"
 as you can see there is very little unpronounceable ingredients other than that you have water, PG, a slew of natural ingredients most of which are oils, then it's got the stuff that's in Pantene, some menthol, aloe and of course dead sea salt which is actually the only "mineral" I notice. Even the water they use is demineralized. It also says it has vitamin E so I'll have to assume that is one of the unpronounceable ingredients. It also says there is a fragrance added (smells basically like lotion) and while I question the purpose and intelligence behind putting a scent in an eye cream (eyes are above the nose after all and not often sniffed) I haven't noticed any ill effects as a result.
OK so I forgot to take a picture yesterday so I did it again today
I am not sure how well it translates to photos but I'm happy with it. Keep in mind this is actually the first eye cream I've ever used but I am impressed with it, you really use very little, its easy to get on and the most obvious thing it does is reducing puffiness. 

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