Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Smart Weigh- Black Digital Food Scale

I reviewed this product for free to review.

Hey everyone! So I have actually has this food scale for several months now because I was curious to see how long I would actually use it for and what I would use it for. The answer to both kind of surprised me.

First let me tell you about the scale I suppose.  It is 6.25 inches wide 8.5 inches long is almost an inch tall and weighs 1 pound 4.6oz assuming it is accurate since I weighed it on its face :) it is a nice shiny black and has a glass surface a blue digital screen and two touch screen buttons one being the mode button and the other being the on/off/tare button .  The numbers on the scale are pretty big and easy to read at about 0.5in x 0.25in the other writing on the screen is only about a quarter of a centimeter tall which is still bigger than the writing on here  closer to this size really.  It has 7 different options for measurement including:

  • Gram
  • Ounce
  • Pounds and ounces
  • Water by the milliliter 
  • Water by the cup
  • Milk by the milliliter 
  • Milk by the cup
I wasn't sure why anyone would need both so I looked it up and apparently they weigh differently.  I assume this goes for all liquids and I sort of wonder why a scale would even attempt to have volume based measurements like milliliters and cups anyway but it does work in a pinch for adding your milk and water to dry ingredients already in the bowl without using a separate measuring cup.  I think it would have been awesome if they would have included oil or butter in the measurements but you could always Google the gs weight of the liquid you are putting in and measure it by the gram on the scale.

So I thought I would use this for making those oddly specific,  measure by the weight baking recipes I see randomly but,  no.  What I have been using it for is to make things even.  Say I get a package of hamburger at the store.  I always get the big packs and break them up but sadly it seems they don't want you to be able to buy the better priced meat in nice even portions so it's usually sold in containers with about 2.5 or 3.5 pounds of meat.  Makes sense from a marketing stand point.  They sell you the meat at a discount as a bonus for buying it in bulk then trick you into using a larger amount  by not putting it into even pounds.  I used to split the packs into 4 quadrants  for the 3.5lb  packs and thirds for the 2.5lb packs but then for some dishes there just isn't enough meat and honestly eyeballing it can make for very inconsistent quantities.  Now I just buy enough packs that the .__ is equal to a full pound and divide it by weight on the scale when I get it home.

Furthermore when I make hamburger patties where I used to split the meat mixture up into 8 even looking portions. I now weigh the prepared meat (I add quite a bit of stuff to the patties.  Seasoning,  egg... )  divide that by the number of patties I actually want.  One for each kid and two per adult which is 7. Weigh them out patty by patty and put them in my burger maker. Then I have exactly how many I need and they are all the same size and cook the same.  No leftover patty for someone to overstuff themselves with or to wind up in the fridge for a month before getting tossed out.

Even better though is meatballs.  I figured out just the other night that 1oz meatballs were pretty much perfect for us and so I just weighed them out on the scale and balled them up.  The awesome part is I had just separated my hamburger from two 2.5lb containers so I just left the last pound in the store container.  Added all my ingredients,  egg, milk,  Italian bread crumbs,  fancy freeze dried Italian seasoning, garlic paste,  worchestershire sauce,  salt and pepper to the last pound of meat.  Mixed it all up wow I did not realize I added 8oz of stuff to my meatballs lol.  I put the second empty container on the scale,  hit the tare button,  put 1oz of meat on it,  rolled it into a ball,  hit tare and repeated it for a total of 24 meatballs.  Thanks to the scale,  I not only had very consistent meatballs, I was also able to make them without dirtying anything other than the pan I cooked them on.  Awesome! 

Even better though is the fact that I can use it on anything.  I use it all the time for the kids food.  It's hard to get the same amount of food on each plate,  and if I don't they argue over the plates so I just weigh out the ingredients as I put them on the plates lol. 

I'm glad this is so small since it lives on my kitchen counter. This has a lot of features that I haven't used at all but I can't say for sure that I won't.  I've even been able to spot which stores weight their meat in the container and which don't (it makes a difference if you are paying for those extra couple of ounces) which has to me points out that the scale is very accurate.  It also gives me consistent measurements every time.  

I love this scale and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for one.  I've yet to see a downside myself. 

If you would like to get one for yourself,  you can pick it up here. 

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