Friday, June 19, 2015

FSL Inertia Bluetooth Earphones

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone.  As I mentioned before there were quite a few product that I got when I was sick and this was another one of the awesome products from Future Sound Labs.

Honestly for the purpose of this review,  I have to ask you to read this one.  Mostly for the fact that it's like they directly fixed any issues I had with the first set and put all the improvements into the Inertia.

Still has a nice case and tons of accessories.  The cord is flat instead of round which I find does help to keep the headset in place and they have somehow improved the sound while using the practically universal micro USB port for charging.

Probably the best part though is I can use them while I'm on the phone and no one can  tell,  the sound is that clear.  I really don't know how someone will be able to improve on this set.

You can pick one up for yourself here.

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