Tuesday, June 23, 2015

System Sharpener knife sharpener

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone.
OK so I have 2 nice sets of knives.  One I bought 8 years ago from a homeless man that was awesome and is a solid piece of metal though the handles are hollow.  One is a set than my uncle gave me after many years of use by him about 6 years ago with the metal all the way through with wooden handles.  Both super nice,  both super dull.  So I was excited to get to try this knife sharpener since if it worked it meant I wouldn't need to buy new knives.

When it came I was shocked at how little it was.  I guess it makes up for not being big and heavy by having a powerful suction cup to hold it securely on your countertop.

Some people said they had issues figuring it out cause it's the type of suction cup with the handle thing.  You know you pull the handle up,  put the device where it's going,  push down and lock the handle back down in place. To get it off again you pull the handle up,  reach down and break the suction.

Now I guess what makes it a system is the fact that it has two different sharpeners.  One metallic side that's rougher to wear down the sides of the blade more and one fine grain ceramic side to really hone the edge.  Apparently you are just suppose to pull the knife through a few times (they suggest 4)  from the hilt to the tip on the metallic side and then repeat on the ceramic side.

I pulled my knives through much more than that,  probably 10 times per side.  Again my knives were super dull,  the blades also had some pitting that I hadn't noticed that is probably going to take several sharpenings to correct if it ever does.

I noticed the knives had some dust on them after sharpening so I made sure to clean them after.  I was still super shocked at how well it cut after being sharpened.  I think it's safe to say that my knives had never been sharpened before since they now slide through things like potatoes and carrots like they aren't there and will even slice a tomato without squishing it.

The company says it will sharpen ceramic knives too but I don't have any and other reviews point to this being a no.  However maybe you are supposed to sharpen ceramic differently.  The directions only say to pull the knife through,  they don't even tell you which way which is odd since the sharpening wheels seem tilted.

About the only thing I didn't like was the noise that happens when you are sharpening,  I assume it's probably unavoidable though.

If you would like to pick one up for yourself,  you can do so here.

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