Friday, March 20, 2015

Yumms Burger press

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone. Well, I've been holding off on this one because I've been trying to get some editing software together because this is the first product I've tried that just feels infomercial ready and I thought it would be really fun to do just that cause I'm weird and LOVE infomercials. Anyway its actually really handy for me to have around the house and I use it in a slightly different way than others might but it works out great so I figured I would share that too. As always a bit of background first. I'm cheap. I do whatever I can within reason to cut corners and save money including buying things that I think will help me reach my goal. I really should start posting reviews on things I buy too and I do really just not on my blog because if I did I would be on my blog every day all day just telling y'all everything and you'd get sick of me. Part of the whole saving money thing involves of course not using convenience items but that brings me a whole additional set of problems. You would think having hamburgers for dinner would be a quick dinner. Fast food restaurants certainly make it seem so but if you've gone shopping, bought your meat, divided it and frozen it, you still need to thaw it, season it, patty it and cook it. That is just for the piece of meat. I am not the most put together person. I am lucky if by 4pm I have even thought to get out something to cook for dinner. Even if I have, I will most likely have no idea what I'm going to do with it by the time dinner should be cooking. That's the way it is here. Having this burger press has really come in handy for me, especially since I already am handling the meat before freezing it. Now if you are someone who is put together and goes shopping like daily and never has to have dinner go from frozen to cooked in under an hour because you forgot to get anything out... This may not be for you. For people like me it is simply awesome. For one thing.. I have an odd number in the house. When I make burgers I make 2 for each adult and one for each kid. Try dividing a lb of hamburger into 7 even portions. Much easier to make 8 but then I have a spare burger and either someone is overeating or I'm waisting 1\8 pound of meat. With this I've just been seasoning my meat when I get it home, dividing it up into 8 patties a pound and putting cling wrap in the burger press for each patty, drape the cling wrap loosely over the meat and press down. This makes a very nice, even patty that is individually wrapped, which I can toss in a ziplock and freeze to use whenever burgers strike fancy or more likely when I simply have no time for anything else. Bonus* that extra burger I was complaining about before makes a quick lunch for me or simply carries over until the next burger night. Its really worked out great and I hope I can get around to doing my infomercial video soon for it and, you know, putting some pictures on this barren page for y'all but it is late and I am tired. If you would like to get one for yourself you can do so here.

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