Friday, March 13, 2015

Sonixx X-fit Bluetooth headset

I received this product for free to review.

 Man these are great. I normally prefer over the ear traditional style headphones to ear buds but these were actually so comfortable I can forget I'm wearing them.

 I like how they come with so many different options for how to wear them, (I like the smallest wing things with the smallest earbud myself) 

They are super easy to pair, so I find myself constantly connecting them to whatever device I happen to be using which flips between my phone my tablet and my PlayStation. People can actually hear me clearly and there isn't any extra parts like some I've seen have, just the wire between the two.

 Now for the downside, they have a dedicated charger which just makes me groan, I hate that, if I lose it I basically lost the use of the headset. Despite that, they are so comfortable and easy to use that they have become part of my morning routine of things to grab before leaving the house.

 I do really like the case it comes in and that helps keep things together if you take the kids out of the equation. This company has lots of great products and you can pick up a set of these here.

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