Friday, March 13, 2015

FSL Xylem Wooden Earphones

I received this product for free to review.
So I was really interested in checking these out. One of the biggest issues I've found with using ear buds is it totally kills the bass in a song.

Either it is just lacking entirely or it is whiney or warped or has a weird buzz to it and I got none of that with these. The outgoing sound as great as well, I even recorded myself and posted it to soundcloud. I think these are my favorite plug in headphone set I've tried yet. I also really love the cute little pinch open case to carry them around in. Very convenient. The wood look is also really cool but I'm not 100% on them actually being any better for the environment. Better on sound definitely!
It also has a remote button on the cord so you can do things like skip songs, fast forward rewind and pause and answer the phone depending on how you press the single button instead of pulling your phone out of your pocket or picking it up. Very nice! If you would like your own set, go ahead and check it out here

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