Monday, March 2, 2015

MeasuPro Instant Read Waterproof IPX7 Thermometer

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone. So I know not everyone needs to know the temperature of their food items. I mean I've went my whole life without needing a thermometer but basically just because I overcook everything to make sure its done enough lol. Anyway some foods need to be cooked to a particular temperature not even to just be done but to be done correctly. For example quiche. A good quiche should be cooked to 165°. Well since I never had a food thermometer I never tried making it before. I actually have made it twice in the past couple of days and stupidly forgot to take pictures. Anyhow I actually forgot I had this laying around to review.

I made the quiche according to the recipe and thought to check the temperature only after I pulled it put of the oven at the end of the time. It was almost 30° hotter than it was supposed to be and quite firm. It was really more of an omelette pie than a quiche. The next day I made another and checked the temperature half way though the cooking time. To my surprise it was done and the difference was like night and day. My quiche was perfectly creamy and delicious! Its a great idea to have one around for cooking most things so you don't give yourself food poisoning. It is as accurate as a temperature thermometer (you know like what you use to see if you have a fever). It has all these buttons on it but has this handy looks water resistant cheat sheet to help you figure out what they are for but its cool cause its still easy to use. Anything that makes me be able to do more, easier, I like! You can pick one up here.

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