Monday, March 23, 2015

Body Tea USA

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone! So I'm on a bit of a diet kick so to speak. (I feel fat so I exercise more and take supplements mostly) so was excited to try this one. I mean it is an herbal tea that is supposed to make you skinnier by drinking it, what's not to love? It comes in a nice brown ziplock bag that has the individually wrapped bags of tea inside and it smells nice. I like how the tea bags are the triangle shaped kind I associate with the good flavored teas.

I brew the first cup and sit down to enjoy it admiring how it looks like actual plants in the bag and frankly find it gross. I choke down about half and email the company about potential additives. They suggest adding lemon which I try and is marginally better but I still have to force myself to drink it. After drinking it for about a week straight and not feeling or noticing any difference with my weight, energy levels or mood I gave up. Then I read the directions again and realized the mistake was mine. I made the tea like I have always made tea. Boil water pour over tea bag and wait till it doesn't burn you to drink it. This method makes the tea much too strong and rather nasty. I still haven't lost any weight by it but different methods work differently for different people all I can say is please make sure to follow the directions. 90° is cooler than hot tap water. It is pretty much Luke warm. With the cooler water you can taste the individual flowers and it is quite nice really. I'll update if it ever helps me lose any weight now that I found out it can be enjoyable to drink. If you'd like to experiment with me you can pick it up here.

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