Wednesday, October 29, 2014

infuser water bottle

I received this product for free to review via

Hey everyone. So you may have noticed I don't drink water. Its not so much don't as usually I can't. Its just gross. It makes my mouth feel dry which makes me gag and its just all around unpleasant. Not to mention if I force myself to drink it I get headaches from the caffeine withdrawal. But its mostly the grossness. I'm also not into flavored waters really but this is different. You put fruit on the little container to flavor the water naturally. I used cucumber the first few times and let me tell you it is an entirely new experience.

It just taste so sweet and fresh you forget you are drinking water at all. Today I am using some frozen strawberries I have on hand. I know there are tons of this type of infuser bottle out there but this one is cool. It holds the fruit close to where the water comes out but has just tiny holes so you don't get pieces of fruit stuck in the straw thing. Though its so close its also held apart from the opening so its never blocked. It doesn't even hold much inside but it doesn't really need to. About 1\8 of a small cucumber or 3 strawberries maxes it out. I cut mine up before putting them in. With some things there is a light flavor instantly but with out here you need to give it some time to really infuse. I have definitely been drinking more water because of this. It's kind of a treat really. And I do feel better actually getting more water down not loaded with sugar and caffeine. Its easy to clean too just dump the fruit container out and throw it in the dishwasher. Its screws in easily to the cap too. Also seems durable considering my kids were throwing it around for 2 days before I actually got anything to put in it. Has a nifty little handle too the spout pulls out of it. I'll add some pictures later, I've got to go pick up the kid from school but for now if you want to check it out yourself you can pick it up here. Also you can save a couple of bucks with this discount code just for you 9WMNBVTM

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