Friday, November 7, 2014


I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone! Its giveaway time!! And this one is a good one too!! If you have little ones you know there's never an end to the bedtime storytelling. We love it too of course but sometimes your throat gets sore. This reading app is so cool! There are tons of stories at many different reading

levels and there are options to either read it yourself on your own, have it read the stories aloud to you while you turn the pages or to read the entire book automatically. They are beautifully illustrated too and the kids can save their favorites to read over and over again. Now this is a subscription service but you have the option to pay monthly or yearly or even get a lifetime membership or just use it for free (though you only get one story a day that way) they have the app available for both android and apple. The kids really love it! They read or listen to the stories all the time. I love how its all clean stories and nothing is too scary. Plus the fact that they can read any story in it regardless of the level since the app will read it to them. I like getting to cuddle with them and enjoy the story too. They honestly listen better when the tablet is reading than when I am. I think its because it doesn't wait for them :-)  So this company is awesomely offering one of my readers a free 3 month subscription!! Just use the handy widget below and share this out so more people get the chance. In the meantime you can always check out the app for free here! Good luck!

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