Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bath pillow by simply essentials

I received this product for free to review via tomoson.com

Hey everyone! Well I'm actually late on getting this one out. Now let me start out by saying I have a garden tub so it may be part of the problem. I like reading in the tub and just relaxing sometimes. Comes from having three kids and no time for myself I suppose so I was excited about this as I thought it would make it and even more relaxing experience. So I even put off my bath for an extra day despite severely needing the relaxation for my back because I wanted it to be even better. So I finally got it and went in to take a bath, ran it, grabbed a book my mod and this pillow and hopped in.

I stuck it on the wall with the fat part down first thinking it would cradle my head, instead it pushed my head down at an uncomfortable angle. I proceeded to remove it and change the position and not only did one of the suction cups continue to pop out every time I removed the thing but I couldnt find any position in which using the pillow made me any more comfortable. In fact using the pillow constantly made me more uncomfortable. I ended up giving up on it and trying to read my book (now more stressed than before) which truly sucked as well so I gave up on the bath all together. I've since tried to find anywhere I could use it and nothing. I think if my tub were shorter it might have helped but since the one suction cup ended up getting lost I couldn't take it somewhere else for an additional test. When you get it, it smells bad. That smell does go away. I suggest letting it air out a few days before use. If you'd like to try it for yourself you can pick it up here (or my house if you know me IRL I won't be using it)
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