Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sili Guy cell phone holder

I recieved this product for free to review via
Hey everyone! So this is another one that didn't exactly work out like I thought it would.
So what is it? The Sili guy is a cute little silicone cell phone holder that's shaped like you guessed it a guy. It's got some sort of metal wires inside so you can pose him so it will fit most cell phones. Now I thought I would be using it to watch youtube on my phone in the kitchen but since it only holds phones vertically its not great for watching videos on.
On the other hand I can still use it to listen to music will keeping my phone safely out of the way which makes cleaning up a lot more entertaining. However the best use I've found for it is actually in the car. I don't have the kind of radio you can hook your phone or mp3 to so I got one of those things that converts your phone to radio waves and use it that way. Unfortunately this means my phone tends to slide off the seat one way or another and unplugs itself from the thing lending me an ear full of static instead of my favorite songs. Plus the thing is a pain to get going again but with the siliguy I can hook him the cupholder and it holds my phone perfectly and I don't risk it falling out of the shallow cup holders them selves.
This has definitely made my car rides a lot more enjoyable and a little safer too (since I don't have to pay attention to the phone sliding everywhere.) So I like this cute little guy I just wish he could hold the phone both ways. If you'd like one for yourself you can pick it up here.

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  1. I wish I had one of those fancy long metal rods for pulling strips right side out, Phone holder for bathroom