Saturday, October 11, 2014

Herb Theory Stress and Sleep + giveaway

I received this product for free to review via

Hey everyone. So I have really bad anxiety. I think I always have but the last couple of years the symptoms got worse and went from normal stress with occasional panic attacks which was awful anyway because try to calm down when you feel like you can't breathe but at least it only happened when I was way too stressed (lots of spiders, breakups, big moves, lost job ect. )  lately though everything has been worse. Its like I'm always at the high stress point and I can't sleep I get irrationally upset (sometimes angry sometimes crying) and I have this awful pressure on my chest like there is a weight there and I thought the panic attacks were bad... These full blown anxiety attacks make you feel like your heart has stopped. Anyway most of the time I can tell what the day is going to be like so as opposed to taking these every day I decided to take them in the morning on those days. They really work wonderfully. Within an hour of taking them I feel super calm. Its hard to describe the feeling better but almost like a full body massage and a hot bath plus a full meal and a shot of jack. Just an over all good and relaxed feeling that really does last all day. It hasn't helped me sleep any better but since its really for stress first and foremost and it does so good at that I'll definitely give it a pass on the name. Oh and the company wants me to give one away too so the first comment below gets it!! Otherwise pick some up for yourself here.
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