Sunday, May 3, 2015

Midori Matcha

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone. So I have as until now including this Midori brand matcha tried two different kinds of matcha. The other is a culinary grade matcha and this is actually ceremonial grade so two completely different things. I'm definitely no expert in matcha and after the first time trying it straight I didn't think I would again. I really don't care for the taste of matcha by itself. I find it bitter by itself and so I wasn't looking forward to it here. Why did I do it? Because I am addicted to matcha lattes. Cold truth but since this was a different type and brand I figured I'd try it again. The first time I made this one I did it exactly like it says except I don't have a sieve. You need one with this, its a bit clumpy and it doesn't really mix out easily. Maybe I'll try adding the water more slowly. Now I'm lucky enough to have a set (video soon) made just for matcha so I have the whisk, bowl and scoop you need. I also have taken the liberty to compare the looks of the two types side by side for you so you can see the difference. This one is much darker brighter green and the powder itself is definitely finer but it does clump more maybe it has more moisture, not sure. Anyway I used two scoops and two ounces of hot water, mixed it as it said, tasted it and... Egh. Yeah I didn't like it, but I didn't let that stop me from making my tasty drink. I added some sugar, for some reason did not taste it after,(it is good with just sugar ) heated up a coffee cup of milk and mixed it in.

God that is delicious!!! Biggest difference between this and the other is the powder is basically gone. With the lower grade it feels a bit chalky especially toward the end of the drink. I found it to be just perfect the flavor was stronger and the color was much more green than the culinary grade. I tried making another serving and adding water to see if I can find a mixture I would regard as tasty without milk and sugar to no avail, the best I got was watered down bitterness. I really like the nice tin it comes in. It opens easier than most of the metal pull tab cans and it has the directions clearly on it as well as an expiration date. This seems to be a very nice product and if you are looking for a ceremonial grade matcha in a nice can that's what you are getting. If you are drinking lattes in the morning and don't mind paying 10 times the price for a smoother finish go for it here. For me it just seems incredibly pricy for my purposes.  However,  it's not the most expensive ceremonial grade out there so, its  probably a really good deal for what you are getting.

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