Sunday, May 3, 2015

Elite Fat Burner

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone!
So this one is a good one. I have been taking it most mornings and just fly through the day. So here is what I thought about this
For first impressions the pill looks like it is filled with blood. Like seriously it gave me flash backs from true blood which did not go away upon swallowing the pill.
I love the way it woke me up. For good or for ill it made me use the restroom very shortly after taking it followed by some pretty intense sweating. That's just off of one pill. I couldn't take any more than that myself.
Taking it any later in the day and I couldn't sleep at all and taking more than one was just too much caffeine for me to handle so I felt like I was having an anxiety attack all day. The surplus of energy I received was enough to ensure I worked out for the day or a least ran around like a crazy person cleaning my house. Let's face it, it was pretty much impossible to set still while they are in your system. They have a lot of well known fat burning ingredients but I'm convinced that no fat burner is going to work more than half way without loads of caffeine. This one definitely delivers on that note. Taking them just the one time a day on the days I remembered them early enough was enough for me to lose 4 pounds over the course of about a month. I fully believe if my caffeine tolerance was where it used to be I could take these and lose some serious weight. These definitely remind me of taking stackers back before ephedera was banned but then add on some serious body heat on top. These do have a ton of caffeine though, 108mg per pill. In any case if you are looking for some serious help with weight loss you can check them out

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