Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Futur-e-Stick -The Coolest Universal Tablet Holder

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone! Just checking in after my household has been wracked with sickness. Oh well at least it gave me some time to play with my new little accessory here.
 First let me tell you what I instantly did not like about this set. Well maybe first I might explain what it is and comes with... I'm so discombobulated!
OK this is not a selfie stick or a phone mount, its basically a new way to hold your tablet or phone. A little sticky platform very similar to a phone stand I reviewed previously but instead of a big bulky cup holder sized base, this has a convinent, adjustable handle. Now with the basic version this is all you get but the version they sent me is the upgraded model that actually has a portable battery charger built right in. This leads me to the part I didn't like. It comes with a cable that might be long enough to reach from the charger in the handle to a plug in the bottom of a phone while using it but if so barely and certainly couldn't charge my tablet if I was using the stand and had the charger inside it. Not only was this cord sorely lacking in the length department, it was the wrong kind of cord all together. Its a USB to mini USB (I think I got that right think ps3 controller charger) instead of the practically universal micro USB or even an iPhone charger, it really stood out because the charger doesn't use this cord either. Otherwise thought the whole setup is pretty sweet. Its very light weight. It's comfortable to hold in either hand. The fact that it has an adjustable tilt that locks also means you can use it to prop up your phone or tablet hands free. The other cool thing is since the charger is an option it unscrews, so you can charge it without being tied to the cord yourself it even has a bottom piece that screws in while your charger isn't there. Since it is made out of lightweight plastic it may feel a bit cheap to those who value weight in a product. The charger itself looks like they took an 18650 battery and modified it so you can charge it and use it independent of any other charger. On the downside for one thing I can't find the chargers capacity listed anywhere, though the biggest 18650 batteries I've seen are roughly 3500mah so I doubt its a very high capacity. I would personally like it better if I could change the battery in it myself. What actually holds your phone is the sticky jelly stuff that you can wash and renew. It will hold my tablet fine for short periods of time (an hour or so) less if I'm trying to prop it up. My phone on the other hand it can hold almost indefinitely including upside down which the instructions clearly state not to do! I will add pictures in later. I would definitely recommend getting this at least as a holder as its great for reading with. Holding my tablet or phone for that matter in my hand alone for that long usually gives me cramps in my hand. This is a lot more comfortable! As far as buying the upgraded version with the charger, its convenient but without knowing the capacity, you may be better off getting a stand alone charger. If you would like one yourself you can get the standard version here or the upgraded version with the charger here.

Update: I have been informed by the manufacturer that the cord that came with mine was the result of a shipping error. Apparently it affects less than 1% of their stock and should it happen to be included they are perfectly happy to replace it. It is also meant to be the charge cable for the unit itself and not to charge your phone or tablet, my mistake I do usually read the product instructions carefully but I guess this one passed over me, also I've updated my links to go to the proper pages for getting the product if you are interested and have asked for clarification on the battery's info as well so may update this post again.

Update: below is a direct quote from the manufacturer regarding the battery charger itself. Note I retract my previous statement about preference for the battery free model, they've got this one worked out quite nicely as is and its always good to have at least a backup charge for your precious devices. (Well mine is precious to me, perhaps I'm only projecting)

 "That's a 3200 mah battery. We've specifically designed it so it can trigger the input charging circuit of tablets as many of them (like the iPad) require a current of at least 1.1 amp to start recharging. Ours supplies an output current of 1.5 amp.

Most other small chargers like these have an output current of 500 ma to 800 ma with a few of them giving 1amp.

Without getting too technical, others have 1 PCB containing all the components for recharging the battery and supplying power to devices. Ours has 2 different PCBs, one used for recharging the battery and the other with higher end and more powerful components used to generate the 1.5 amp output."

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