Thursday, April 2, 2015

FitLifestyleCo yoga mat, towel combo + Giveaway

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone. So I have been doing yoga for wow like 4 years on and off and I never had a yoga mat. Most of them just don't seem worth the price for a thin piece of foam. When I got the opportunity to check this one out, I jumped at it though.
It is practically an accessory free yoga mat. The material on the top is absorbant and so it works like a towel, without having a separate piece that can slip you up. Form is something that is very important in yoga and Pilate's. A lot of the time the instructor references a position on your mat to describe how exactly you are meant to be positioned.
I've noticed since using this mat I've been finding the poses easier and focusining on the area they are supposed to. To top it off this mat is beautiful. Very zen to look at, it also comes with a carry strap which I have used to help me stretch and hold poses longer\ correctly. Sorry, I actually can't find my strap SMH the kids like playing with it too. This is also a giveaway so make sure you check out below and enter *disclaimer I don't think this is a FREE giveaway, I am pretty sure it will cost you $1 or $2 if you win. You can always just pick one up here too.