Sunday, April 5, 2015

Berry Sleepy

I received this product for free to review.

Hey everyone! So I know we all sometimes have sleepless nights. I straight up have insomnia so I jumped at the chance to try this supplement. Basically the company went out and found all of the natural plant sources for all of the different sleepy time substances on the market and jammed them in a capsule. I honestly stared at the pills for way to many days to count. Not only are they multi supplement pills but they are huge and you have to take two. I was a little paranoid that I would have trouble sleeping and being the only person up would take these, choke on them and be sleeping forever. If you wonder why I can't sleep at night, there you go. Could you sleep with a brain like mine? Eventually I resolved to simply eating the contents of the pills which weren't all that bad at first but the aftertaste was killer and I wouldn't recommend doing that. I did conk out about 50 minutes later though and I didn't have trouble waking in the morning. This is a flash giveaway. There are only 24 hours left to enter to win a bottle for yourself and the winner will be known tomorrow. You can also pick up a bottle here.


  1. Always need help sleeping.. Work In ems and don't sleep alot

  2. how do i find products free for review..sounds fun..

  3. also..what does the widget to enter giveaways look like..thx